Lab members

Simon Joly

Principal Investigator

Tammy Elliott

Systematics of the Schoenus clade (Cyperaceae) in South Africa
co-supervised by Muthama Muasya (University of Cape Town)

Julie Faure

Ph.D. student
Evolution of pollination strategies in Antillean Gesneriaceae

Gonzalo Bilbao

Ph.D. student
Pollination syndrome evolution in Erythrina (Fabaceae)
co-supervised with Anne Bruneau (U Montréal)

Aymeric Yanitch

Ph.D. student
Transcriptomics of arsenic phytoremediation
co-directed with Michel Labrecque (U Montreal)

Marion Leménager

Ph.D. student
Evolution of floral shape in Gesneriaceae

Valérie Poulin

M.Sc. student
Indentifying genes responsible for corolla shape variation in Rhytidophyllum

Maryane Gradito

Undergraduate student
Reproduction of the white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)

Previous members

Virginie Laberge, Technical assistant, U Montreal, 2019
Marion Leménager, Master II, U Montpellier II, France, 2018
Meriam Bellalouna, Ph.D. intern, INSAT, Tunisia, 2017-2018 | presently Ph.D. @ INSAT, Tunisia
Jérôme Burkiewicz, B.Sc., U Montreal, 2017 | presently B.Sc. @ U Montreal
Hermine Alexandre, Ph.D., U Montreal, 2012-2016 | presently postdoc @ U Bordeaux
Marie Florence Sandrine NGO NGWE, Ph.D., U Yaoundé, 2011-2016 | presently Curator of the Cameroon National Herbarium
François Lambert, M.Sc., U Montreal, 2013-2016 | presently environmental consultant for Solution Nature
Nicholas Brereton, postdoc, U Montreal, 2014-2016 | presently research professional @ U Montreal
Emmanuel Gonzalez, postdoc, U Montreal, 2013-2014 | presently bioinformatician @ Genome Quebec
Léa Louna Fronteau, Master II, Ésitpa, France 2015
Julie Faure, Master II, U Montpellier II, France, 2015
Laurent De Vriendt, M.Sc., U Laval, 2012-2015 | presently Ph.D. student @ U Laval
Adriana Almeida-Rodriguez, postdoc, U Montreal, 2012-2014 | presently working for Environment Canada
Pierre-Antoine Bourdon, Master II, U Amiens, France, 2014
Delase Amesefe, Master I in bioinformatics, U Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, 2014
Julie Marleau, Research professional, U Montreal, 2011-2014 | presently research professional @ U Montreal
Jade Canape, B.Sc., U Montreal, 2013
Justine Vrignaud, DUT, U LaRochelle, France, 2013
Étienne Léveillé-Bourret, B.Sc. Honnors, 2011-2012 | presently Ph.D. student @ U Ottawa
Audrey Touboulic, Master I, U Paris Diderot, France, 2011