Lab members

Simon Joly

Principal Investigator

Tammy Elliott

Systematics of the Schoenus clade (Cyperaceae) in South Africa
co-supervised by Muthama Muasya (University of Cape Town)

Julie Faure

Ph.D. student
Pollination in Antillean Gesneriaceae

Gonzalo Bilbao

Ph.D. student
Pollination syndrome evolution in Erythrina (Fabaceae)
co-supervised with Anne Bruneau (U Montréal)

Aymeric Yanitch

Ph.D. student
Transcriptomics of arsenic phytoremediation
co-directed with Michel Labrecque (U Montreal)

Previous members

Hermine Alexandre, Ph.D., U Montreal, 2012-2016 | presently postdoc @ U Bordeaux
Marie Florence Sandrine NGO NGWE, Ph.D., U Yaoundé, 2011-2016 | presently Curator of the Cameroon National Herbarium
François Lambert, M.Sc., U Montreal, 2013-2016 | presently environmental consultant for Solution Nature
Nicholas Brereton, postdoc, U Montreal, 2014-2016 | presently research professional @ U Montreal
Emmanuel Gonzalez, postdoc, U Montreal, 2013-2014 | presently bioinformatician @ Genome Quebec
Léa Louna Fronteau, Master II, Ésitpa, France 2015
Julie Faure, Master II, U Montpellier II, France, 2015
Laurent De Vriendt, M.Sc., U Laval, 2012-2015 | presently Ph.D. student @ U Laval
Adriana Almeida-Rodriguez, postdoc, U Montreal, 2012-2014 | presently working for Environment Canada
Pierre-Antoine Bourdon, Master II, U Amiens, France, 2014
Delase Amesefe, Master I in bioinformatics, U Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, 2014
Julie Marleau, Research professional, U Montreal, 2011-2014 | presently research professional @ U Montreal
Jade Canape, B.Sc., U Montreal, 2013
Justine Vrignaud, DUT, U LaRochelle, France, 2013
Étienne Léveillé-Bourret, B.Sc. Honnors, 2011-2012 | presently Ph.D. student @ U Ottawa
Audrey Touboulic, Master I, U Paris Diderot, France, 2011